With the development of the Internet, the exchange of information has been accelerated, and thus the business has globalized. As a result, a new type of business that has not seen in the previous era has emerged. This has led to a variety of technological developments. However, especially several regulations and finance are unable to keep pace with the changes of the times. Davinci is established to break down the barriers of global business and build a new financial order by utilizing blockchain technology. Like the Renaissance that extended the European worldview outside Europe, and Leonardo da Vinci, the intellectual who represented that time, the Davinci Foundation will stand at the center the Fourth Revolution Era.

Business Fields

The application areas of Davinci Chain can be largely divided into Online, Offline, and Infrastructure. Davinci Chain's superior technology can be utilized in various aspect of life.


Just a decade ago, people weren't used to paying for online business. There was a strong perception that digitized services and content could be used for free. However, the development of DRM technology and the advent of smartphones have led to a change in perception, and the size of the online business market has surpassed the size of traditional offline distribution content market.

However, different payment systems by country still remain as a problem. Furthermore, as the online business became more complex, the more number of participants involved. The way profits are allocated among them has become a new issue. Davinci Chain aims to solve the problems faced by online businesses through blockchain technology. The online content business will take a leap forward with Davinci Chain, not only convenient online payments without border restrictions, but also fair distribution of profits based on development contributions.


As Cashless emerged, a variety of payment services appeared. Although such services have achieved considerable results in terms of convenience, they still fail to overcome the limitations of local services and show limitations in terms of globalization. It also has limitations, such as the possibility of monopoly on payment information of large companies and the leakage of personal information. The Davinci Foundation aims to establish a global universal payment system through Davinci Coin. The foundation has formed partnerships with over 100 domestic and foreign companies to achieve this goal and to realize the vision.


Digitalization is needed in many countries and enterprises for efficient customer service and industrial development. In particular, the need for infrastructure construction is growing in third world countries, where the use of the Internet and computers are relatively lagging. The Davinci Foundation contributes to the development of society by providing blockchain-based electronic systems to countries in need of expanding social infrastructure through Davinci Chain.