Decentralized blockchain operated by AI

Since Bitcoin began actively trading, the biggest technical challenge has been to overcome the limitations of high mining costs and transaction speeds. Various methods have been proposed to address this problem, but the value of decentralization was inevitably compromised for rapid transaction processing. Even in the case of D-Pos method, which is developing by solving speed problems and producing multiple derived technologies, there is a problem that a small number of BPs get to determine the operation direction of blockchain. By considering these problems, the method does not meet the originally intended purpose of developing value-neutral currency through the perfect decentralization. Nevertheless, it is also true that in order to cope with the growing number of dApps and new business types, it requires constant technical upgrades by someone.


Build DAI on the existing D-Pos based Mainnet to manage transactions and learn user usage patterns. For this purpose, a total of two AI engines are installed.

Client Analysis Engine : Client Analysis Engine: Analyze and monitor the propensity of each participant and node to increase the operational efficiency of the blockchain. Dynamically involved in the generation and removal of side-chains.

AI Cube Learning Engine : AI Cube Learning Engine: Analyze and learn patterns of each transaction. The learned data will be used for future technical upgrades of the chain.

Development Stage


First Stage: Launched D-Pos based Mainnet

Launch D-Pos based Mainnet and operated. It aims to collect basic information for stable market entry and future upgrade to DAI-based Mainnet.

Second Stage: DAI Learning

Machine learning is performed by sequentially applying the DAI engine, Client Analysis Engine, and AI Cube Learning Engine on top of the launched D-Pos based AI engine.

Third Stage: Launch DAI-led Operation System

Construct a complete decentralized operating system that does not go through human hands. DAI manages and upgrades the blockchain in an optimal state.