Introduction of each business area supported by Davinci Platform

Build a blockchain infrastructure with local governments and countries to contribute to expand the base of blockchain and the influence of Davinci Coin.
By participating in various currency projects using blockchain technology such as welfare points of local governments and digital currency projects in Africa, we plan to expand the influence of Davinci ecosystem and contribute to the expansion of blockchain infrastructure.
• African Development Project - Financial Service Improvement Project: As the one of the most high-tech industries of the future, blockchain is the one of the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Davinci Project is to integrate that blockchain into Africa’s financial services to provide a basic framework for finance and to foster Africa’s competitiveness. Since blockchain is able to ensure financial transaction stability, to increase efficiency, and to reduce costs, the possibility of the blockchain is considered infinite. In addition, due to the characteristic of blockchain, which is difficult to manipulate records, thereby enhancing the reliability and security of African financial services. Davinci Project will use cryptocurrency to increase efficiency and to commercialize the less accessible and underdeveloped African financial service through the improvement of liquidity and proliferation of financial service. Davinci Team was officially invited to countries in Africa such as Guinea and Republic of Cote d'Ivoire in November 2018. Starting with these countries, the team is plan to spread Davinci Project in Africa.

• Real Estate: Through the transparent disclosure of proprietary information, which was monopolized by real estate intermediaries, Davinci Project is plan to create an efficient market that creates security and transparency by diminishing the inefficiency of transactions and improving the structure of the real estate market gradually. The platform that can be applied to all types of profit-based real estate will provide specialized services to real estate owners, operators, as well as customers and related business. In particular, the goal is to provide economic benefits to users by applying compensation system for their participation and to dramatically reduce the service fees through the development of payment system based on the next generation technology. This will result in a construction of platform that enables product development and service, which to achieve the conflation of digital and real assets.

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