Introduction of each business area supported by Davinci Platform

With Korea and China as the center, Davinci Project aims to become the universal currency by 2025. In particular, it contributes to increase the value of Davinci Coin as a digital asset by tearing down the boundaries of online and offline assets. As of 2019, Davinci Project has signed MOU with more than 30 partners, which is counted more than 100 franchises, and working with partners to build a Davinci Payment system.

As of 2018, Davinci Project has signed MOU with more than 30 partners, which is counted more than 100 franchises, and working with partners to build a Davinci payment system.

• T-bot - Global tourism platform based on AI: There are various forms of tourism because people are inspired to travel by numerous reasons. They are urged to leave somewhere due to envy of the beautiful scenery exposed to various media such SNS, need a simple rest, want backpacking trip with friends to enjoy the youth, want to gain detail knowledge of specific places, and to experience gastronomic adventure. As the culture of tour has become global, it also become very important to provide the right tourism information. In this era of highly developed technology and social media, people often look for information of transportation, cheap and good accommodation, famous restaurants, menu of popular restaurants, etc to plan their trip ahead.

On the other hand, instead of making their own travel plans, there are many people who want to enjoy sightseeing more easily and conveniently through travel agencies. However, as aftermath of the wide and quick spread of tourism, tourists are exposed to false information due to issues such as dumping tour packages and unqualified guides. To prevent this, Davinci Project propose a global tourism platform based on artificial intelligence. It’s not just about correcting the wrong information of tourist attraction, but also about providing a long-term opportunity to correct the misunderstanding or perception of our culture due to misleading information. T-bots are global tourism platforms that allow users to access detailed information at a glance such as accommodation, tourist attraction, and transportation without searching for information on each sites. Additionally, it provides detailed information of the attractions not only with the text, but also with video clips, which provides more vividness and reality to tourists.
1. Customer purchases goods or pay bill at cashier
2. Merchant places order in ECR and scans customer’s DAC barcode using app, scanner, or terminal.
3. App, ECR or terminal sends a payment request to system integrator.
4. VAN & Integrator passes the payment request to the acquirer. 
5. The acquirer passes the payment request DAC for authorization.
6. DAC processes the transaction and sends customer the payment result via SMS and in-app notification.
7. DAC sends the payment result to the acquirer.
8. The acquirer passes the payment result to VAN & Integrator.
9. System integrator sends payment result to merchant via pre-defined notification method.

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