Introduction of each business area supported by Davinci Platform

Within Davinci platform, diverse things are able to proceed from the funding of digital content to production and service. The platform supports digital content such as entertainment, games, education, etc. In addition, it is possible to use Davinci pay for the payment of content or trade digital contents that you own.

• Inplug:
Inplug is a universe entertainment OTT (Over The Top) platform that connects Influencers, viewers, and advertisers with ICE Coin, a reward coin.
ㆍAdvertisers ask influencers to advertise and pay coin in return.
ㆍAt this time, the influencer can provide viewers with a portion of the coin they received as a reward and encourage viewers to spread the content or purchase advertising products.
ㆍThe coin can be traded through the exchange, used for purchasing digital content, or purchase products via Inplug e-commerce.

ⓐAdvertiser :
ㆍAI enables to target customers to advertise who will be right for the product.
ㆍAble to track the effect of an ad in real time.
ㆍAdvertisement may results in sales.

ⓑInfluencer :
ㆍSign a contract with an advertiser who are suitable with the broadcasting concept.
ㆍThe AI engine enables secure the best viewers for the broadcast concept.
ㆍAble to sell products directly through e-commerce.
ㆍAble to get your audience(followers) quickly by providing them with rewards.

ⓒViewer :
ㆍThe AI engine makes it easy to access the broadcasting that suits viewer’s taste.
ㆍAble to receive a reward by participating in the spread of content.

• Electronic Soul:
As the fifth largest game publisher in China and head company of Chinese game industry association, Electronic Soul cooperates for the research regarding the combination of blockchain technology on game and for the market exchange of Korea and China. It dedicates to the online game platform that provides innovative games for mobile and PC users in China. With the Davinci platform, Electronic Soul is eager to expand the decentralized mobile game market in China.

• Mgame:
Mgame is the first generation company in the game industry that took the lead in establishing a cultural status of online game and contributed to spreading Korean Wave through globalization as a leader of IT industry. In addition, as the developer of famous IP games such as Scions of Fate, Mgame collaborates with Davinci platform to build an integrated game platform in line with the new Fourth Industrial Revolution.

By the utilization of blockchain technology throughout the entire process from development to service, Davinci’s game platform provides developers with increased revenue and cost savings while providing users with secure protection and increased value of digital assets acquired during games. Davinci game platform will be developed and completed in three stages.

• TOWB (Tomorrow Will be Better) MUSIC:
TOWB MUSIC is the first-ever music streaming service platform that equipped with the Blind Music Competition, which allows to listen music from diverse artists and to discover new artists. The headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida. This mobile App allows people to share and empathize with other music fans around the world. TOWB MUSIC and Davinci Foundation is cooperating for the distribution of DRM and music, subscription payment, and other services through Davinci platform. Davinci platform with TOWB MUSIC DApp allows fans to build closer relationship between fans and artists, and to support artists directly by blind voting system, which provides a stepping stone for artists to grow up to be a beloved star.

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