People who are leading the Davinci Project

Davinci Team

The Davinci Foundation is comprised of cultural and economic experts of Korea and China, led by Liu Yi, chairman of the IoT Yuanxa Corportation.
Advisory Board
Liu Yi
· Chairman of Davinci Foundation
· Co-founder of Davinci Foundation
· Chairman of IoT Yuanxa Corporation
Seungjae Han
· Co-founder of Davinci Foundation
· Vice Chairman of Davinci Foundation
· Bachelor’s of Yonsei University
· Former CEO of Digitaloptics
Keumryong Lee
· Founder of “Auction,” internet shopping mall
· Chairman of Challenge and Sharing
· CEO of Koglo
Haeman Jung
· Chief advisor of Davinici Foundation
· Vice Chairman of Northeast Asia Economic Cooperation Committee
· Deputy Speaker of Liberty Korea Party
· Vice Chiarman of Yeouido Research Institute
Sihyun Kim
· CMO/Graduate of Kyunghee University
· CEO of 153 Production
· Supplier of TV drama such as Descendants of the Sun
Jinsuk Ko
· CIO/Master’s degree of Computer Science in Seoul National University
· Former CTO of I love school
· CEO of Tenspace
· Best technician of AI based technology in Korea
Hokyung Kim
· CLO/Legal Expert
· Former head prosecutor of special department
· Partner of Allheun Law Firm
Chulman Ham
· Medical Doctor of KonKuk University
· Doctor of engineering from Yonsei University
· Former expert adviser of Ministry of knownlege Economy
· Former technical expert of the Export-import Bank korea from Ministry of Economy and Finance
Jun Ha
· Head of communication department at Hyundai Group
· Executive director of Hyundai Group
Sukhyun Kim
· Chairman of GoldenKey Investment and Management
· Financial adviser
Junghyun Kim
· Special advisor
· Chairman of Solidus Investment
Feng GuanLin
· Partner Representative of
· Founder of KCU Fund
Zhang Ruo Xi
· Founder of Sanyou Captial
· Co-founder of Hedge Bank
Yue Xiang
· Founder of Imagination Fund
· Investor of large exchanges such as Okex, Bit-z
· Super-node investor of Huobi and ZB
Wu Xiang Qing
· Founder of Lingguan Capital
Will Shaw
· Representative of Chat game
· Experts of Blockchain Game Industry
※There are more famous advisers in China that cannot be disclosed.

Development Team
Minjae Kim
· Master of POSTECH University
· Former software engineer of Samsung Electronic
Sangwoong Cho
· Master of Sogang University
· Developer of smart green platform and IBK banking system in LG CNS
Zachary Moon
· Master of Sogang University
· Software Engineer of Novacos
Jaemin Shin
· Master of Sungkyunkwan University
· Engineer of SKK Software Developing Department
Singi Jeong
· Master of Sungkyunkwan University
· Engineer of SKK Software Developing Department
Sangyeol Nam
· Project Manager
· Familiar recruitment platform, AI self-audition platform, etc.
· Research Fellow of Weihai City in China
Taeho Kim
· IT Engineer
· Developer of multiple networks security business
· PM and PL Linux based mail engine
Sangyun Han
· Big Data Analysis Team Leader
· IT Engineer of Yonsei University Graduate School of Engineering
Jinho Son
· Tenspace Development Team
· Web Designer
· Philippines The Platinum Grab Taxi iOS main designer
Wang Han
· Master’s degree of Computer Science in MIT
· Manager of the project “Bit Data”
Jerry Gao
· Master of Jinan University
· Blockchain Developer of THU Domestic Software Engineering
Wo Jiang
· Master’s degree of Computer Science in THU
· Main research director
· Senior Blockchain Developing Engineer
· Expert in blockchain projects